“The great skill of a teacher is to get and keep the attention of his scholar... To attain this, he should make the child comprehend...the usefulness of what he teaches him and let him see, by what he has learned, that he can do something which gives him some power and real advantage over others who are ignorant of it.”

— John Locke (1632-1704), on Education


To see an overview of North Fork School curricula, including which classes are offered for each grade level, please select one of the following curriculum map links:

Elementary & Middle School Curriculum Map

High School Curriculum Map

NFS Enrollment History 1996-2019

The links for each English class presented on the right (or below, on your mobile device) list types of academic writing students complete in each year of North Fork classes, and catalogue student creative writing samples from each year that class was held. Assignments, especially academic ones, are required of all students --  no one finishes the year until all academic assignments are completed and in Final Folders. The creative pieces available for perusal from previous class groups in each year are also required assignments; however, students complete their creative pieces at varied individual paces throughout the course of their years at North Fork.