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Hard Work, Hard Statistics, Open Doors

I have been working in biotech/pharmaceuticals since 2012 as a regulatory affairs professional, wherein I help companies interface with FDA to get new biologic drugs approved. It has been interesting for me to find a career in writing, which makes up about 70% of my daily work. I remember there were times when I was less than enthusiastic about learning to write at the NFS, but now I am frequently complimented on my ability to communicate with written language, so I am passing on the compliment to you.
— Marshall Hoke '07 | Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission through AdvancED
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Innovative, inspiring concept.

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Private school classes for public school students

Since 1996, The North Fork School has offered academically rigorous, integrated humanities and mathematics programs to students who remain concurrently-enrolled in other schools. Accredited through AdvancED by The Northwest Accreditation Commission, North Fork programs reduce public class sizes while allowing local public schools to retain full federal and state tax dollars for shared students.

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Personal Academic Coaches

North Fork teachers coach small cohorts of students to mastery in successive years of study together. Over seven years of North Fork English & history curricula, students become critical thinkers who question and evaluate everything they encounter.  This vertically-connecting knowledge cannot come from a series of separate classrooms over the years, run by different teachers, offering their own unique curricula. The integrated aspect of North Fork classes forges independent thought.

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College Prep Success

North Fork School Middle School curricula prepares students across the country for academic, college-preparatory boarding schools, as well as for rigorous High School academics. Students who have attended North Fork for more than three consecutive years in core classes have a 100% COLLEGE graduation rate, with most in high-paying professional careers, or pursuing post-graduate degrees.

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Online Options

North Fork students have attended our classes online since 2007 from Idaho, California, Massachusetts, Montana, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Also, students on Rotary exchange programs in Sweden, Thailand, Belgium, and Germany have continuously earned high school credits and kept up with their North Fork cohorts by attending North Fork classes online while they study abroad. Families who travel and athletes who have rigorous training schedules also benefit from  online class participation while away from home.

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Iterative Design: THE North Fork method.

See how successive years of North Fork classes build skills and create flexible, self-motivated, entrepreneurial mindsets.

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Accreditation Report

Hard Statistics.

Although we never teach to tests, the number of years students spend at The North Fork School shows in increased test scores. See the big picture here >>