College Preparatory success

“My six years at North Fork planted seeds for my current business model and success.”

— Toby Johnson, Founder/Director USA English Limited ESL education in Beijing and Hong Kong. North Fork/MDHS ’05; DePauw University ’09



Graduates prove: Success Starts Here

Time — not theory — reveals schooling success.
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North Fork School graduates presently attend:

Cornell University Johnson School of Business, Fordham University School of Law, California Polytechnic State University, Utah State Graduate Program in Archeology


North Fork School alumni are now GRADUATES OF:

Bates College, Berkelee School of Music, Boise State University, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Carlton College, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, Dartmouth College, De Pauw University, Evergreen College, Gonzaga University, Marlboro College, Michigan State University, Middlebury College, Montana State University, Oregon State University,  Reed College, Prescott College, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Santa Clara College, St. Lawrence College, Syracuse University, Tufts University, United States Naval Academy, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis Graduate School of Public Health and Medical School, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Idaho College of Law, University of Pennsylvania, University of Puget Sound, Western WA Univ -- Fairhaven Honors College, Whitman College, Willamette University                                                     

Ben Crogh, class of 2017, ponders his options.

Ben Crogh, class of 2017, ponders his options.


“Success at NFS, and in life, really is determined in no way by raw intelligence. Rather, the ability to hang in there, persevering in your ideas, working and reworking to make something good: that is what makes success. North Fork should be a school for every child. It engenders passion, confidence in one’s ideas, an ability to evaluate and reevaluate one’s positions, and the resolve to persevere.”

— Gerrit Egnew, NFS '12; Montana State University '17