Parent | Student Handbook

The 2019-2020 Parent | Student Handbook contains safety and discipline policies, teacher contact information, important dates, grading policies, and any other minutia parents and students need to know about the way things work at The North Fork School. Since we update this manual regularly, please give us your comments and suggestions for changes or additions. We will have an October Parent/Staff meeting to review and discuss these policies and to begin our self-assessment of School Quality Factors for our upcoming accrediation review in March, 2020

Administrative Policies

Administrative Policies define attendance, safety, grading, and other daily policies as well as staff duties in case of emergencies. This handbook also details teacher evaluation policies, hiring policies, and other dry administrative requirements. Not required reading, but fun to scan, if you are interested in inner workings and academic bureaucracy.

History 1996-2019

An overview of enrollment numbers and classes offered at the North Fork School from its inception in 1996 through the present school year, As enrollment numbers for 2019-2020 are still settling out, we will add this school year to the list in October.