One-on-one coaching.

North Fork teachers have majored in or had successful professional careers and commercial experience in the subjects they teach. Certified as "Highly Qualified" by the Idaho Department of Education in their academic subjects, core program teachers coach every child individually in small classes of  mixed-grade students.

An intimate knowledge of students' academic strengths and weaknesses allows North Fork teachers to evaluate students with exact, detailed narrative reports each quarter. While the North Fork School provides colleges with a cumulative transcript, semester grades and standardized test scores also appear on students' public, private, or online school transcripts.


Marie Furnary
Academic Credentials:

Dartmouth College, B.A.: major in English and coursework to complete an additional major in Environmental Studies.

2007-2009: Grader for College Board SAT essays.

Certified College Board syllabi in:
                               AP Language & Composition
                              AP Literature & Composition

September, 2005: Idaho teacher certification in Secondary English

May, 2005: certified with Distinction in English by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence

October, 2003: Presenter at the annual meeting of the Idaho Council of Teachers of English


Brigid Lawrence
Academic Credentials:

May, 1999: B.A. Degree in Social Science, emphasis on History -- Chapman University, Orange, CA

1992 -- 5th Year Credentialing Program

Supplemental courses: Political Science, Geography, and Advanced Placement training in United States and World History. 

Secondary teaching certificates in Idaho and California as well as an Elementary Certificate in Idaho.

Certified College Board syllabi in:
                               AP United States History
                              AP World History


Sally Elliott
Academic Credentials:

May 1971: BA in French; U of I

1991-1993: Graduate Studies in French Literature: U of WA

Summers, 1982, 1984, 1985: U of Northern Iowa French institute in Angers, France

Summer 1983: Middlebury College, VT --  French School

Professional Experience:

Stein Elementary School, Edmonds, WA (1992 - 1993) French Instructor K – 4

Lake Washington High School, Kirkland, WA (1981 - 1990) Instructor, French I – IV, and AP

Student Teacher Supervisor (1983, 1986, 1988, 1989); Mentor Teacher (1988-1989)

Participated in organization of and taught in regional annual French Camp (1982-1990)

Advisor, Multicultural Club (1981-1990); Supervised student travel to France (1985, 1986); Participated in Student-Faculty Play (1987-1974)

McCall-Donnelly High School, (1971 – 1974) Instructor, French and English

Continuing Education Classes and Workshops:

Seattle Pacific University Beginning ITIP (1981); ITIP (1982); Advanced ITIP (1983); Classroom Management (1983): Co-operative Learning (1986)

Dartmouth College John Rassias Foreign Language Teaching Workshop (1982)

Advanced Placement (1998) Classes/Teacher’s Workshop



Tracey Kindall
Academic Credentials:

May 1997: MS in Folklore Studies:
University of Oregon

May 1993: BS: Biology
Grand Valley State University, MI

2008-2018: Executive Director, MAHC
McCall Arts & Humanities Council, ID

1998-1999: Program Developer, AmeriCorps VISTA. Greater Columbia Literary Council, SC

1997-1998: Teacher & Work Project Coordinator, Environmental Sciences
Eugene, OR


Courtney Snyder Bork
Academic Credentials:

BA in Architecture: U of Idaho

AA in Architectural Drafting and Design: Northern Idaho College

North Fork School Art teacher  2013 - present

Currently working towards becoming a licensed architect. 

Employed at McCall Design and Planning in McCall, Idaho. 


Dana Parker
Academic Credentials:

Modesto Junior College

San Francisco State

Research assistant with James Bland of University of Wisconsin, Madison, studying Himalayan snowcocks in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada.


Marie Furnary,
Head of School

Kelsy in gown with Marie.jpg

Marie Furnary (Writing Workshop, all English Programs) founded The North Fork School in 1996, after teaching Writing Workshop techniques to 100 sixth graders at Payette Lakes Middle School in McCall during the 1995-1996 school year. Volunteering her time two days/week to teach as many as four classes of students for the school year, she and the sixth grade teachers saw phenomenal improvements, both in students' writing, and in their desire to write.

Marie was the Boise Alternative Education Examiner for as well as a full member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She has been a freelance writer for National Geographic WORLD Magazine, and has sold articles to various other publications.

Reflecting her belief that students who have a privileged education have a responsibility to share what they have learned with other students, Marie's English students tutor and teach their public and home-schooled peers through after-school community classes, by offering private tutoring in the summer, and by publishing the occasional Blue Moon Review, a collection of creative writing and artwork by K-12 students in the wider community.

Having completed her US Figure Skating Gold medal test level in ice-dancing while training under Olympic Pairs & Dance coach Ron Ludington in Wilmington, DE, Marie is a Double Master-rated member of the Professional Skaters' Association. Holding a PSA Level II Ranking, Master Ratings in both Moves in the Field and Group Instruction, a Certified Rating in Ice Dance, a Registered Rating in Freestyle, and accreditation in Hockey Power Skating, she presently teaches figure skating after school at The Manchester Ice & Event Center. Marie's MFSC skaters have passed more than 300 US Figure Skating tests, including 8 Gold/Senior US Figure Skating test Medals,  since the club’s inception in 2003.

Her skaters’ other achievements include competing as co-captain of the 2012 National Collegiate Champion Team; receiving the highest IJS score out of 44 Preliminary girls at the 2013 US Figure Skating NW Pacific Regionals; performing as a cast member of the 2015 Holiday on Ice European Tour of Passion as well as in the 2015-2016 US tour of Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic.  She has also taught at The Dartmouth Figure Skating Club in New Hampshire, and at The Johnstown Figure Skating Club in Pennsylvania.    

Brigid Lawrence, History


Brigid Lawrence (all History classes) has taught history at the North Fork School since 1998.  Previously, she taught various grade levels in public California elementary schools before moving to McCall in 1995.

Throughout her adult life Brigid has volunteered with a number of community service organizations.  She has been both a Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader and assisted as a group leader at Camp Alice Pittenger.  She served as both treasurer and president of the McCall Ice Skating Association/Heartland Youth Hockey – first as a fundraiser for McCall’s outdoor rink and later as a member of the board establishing the youth US Hockey program at the Manchester Ice Rink.  She spent seven years as a member of the McCall Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee until leaving for a one-year teaching job in California in 2012. 

At the North Fork School Brigid developed the history curriculum for the three-year core program in Ancient Cultures, World History and American History.  She proved that students learn far more and become strong, analytical thinkers with a curriculum based on individual research, creative projects, debates, reenactments and engaging learning “games”.  Throughout each course, emphasis is placed on clear writing, research and thoughtful analysis.  Brigid fervently believes that the study of history involves far more than the learning of “facts”. 

“Thorough knowledge of history as well as the political philosophy of government formation, along with strong critical and research skills are required if students are to become citizens capable of contributing to modern society.”

— Brigid Lawrence, 2015

During the 2012-2013 school year, Brigid was Social Studies Department Head at the Developing Virtue Academy at the City of 10,000 Buddhas in Ukiah, California.  Her responsibilities included teaching courses to international students in Advanced Placement US and World History, Geography, and Government as well as being advisor to the Model United Nations Club.

Since returning to McCall in 2013, Brigid has taught American History I during the Spring Semester at North Fork, and has traveled to numerous countries around the world.  She continues to enjoy her time in McCall with Nordic skiing, hiking, quilting and reading.



Sally Elliott,

Sally Elliott 2.jpg

After a 14-year teaching career, first in McCall and then in the Seattle area, Sally became the North Fork School French instructor in 2001. As early as junior high school, she developed an interest in foreign languages and dreamed of living in Europe. By the time she was a junior at the University of Idaho she was on her way to study in Paris at the Université de Paris. During that year abroad, Sally improved her French language skills and developed a lifelong love of and appreciation for the French people and their culture.

While traveling throughout Europe Sally was exposed to a variety of cultures and was inspired to continue exploring the world.  She returned home with a better understanding of the nuances of English and a new view of her own culture: “Hey, it’s not weird or wrong, it’s just different!”

Besides teaching French language, Sally introduces her students to the variety of French-speaking countries throughout the world, expanding students' understanding of the world at large. Her enthusiasm and passion highlights the many benefits to be gained from language study, including improved English and Math skills, an ability to think critically, and expanded career opportunities.

French is the international language of fashion, theater, visual arts, dance, and cooking. More than 200 million people all over the world speak French. It is the second most widely-learned language after English; the ability to speak French and English is an advantage in the international job market. French is also the third most-used language, after English and German, on the internet. French is an excellent base for learning other languages (including English – people are often taken aback when they learn that 40 percent of English words are derived from French), especially Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian. Research shows that taking three years of a foreign language improves students' skills in English and Math as well as  raising their SAT and other test scores.

“I want to help my students connect with other cultures through history, architecture, art, geography, cuisine, musique and, of course, people. We learn about sunny Provence, the snowy Alps, the wild and rocky coast of Brittany and the City of Light, Paris. We learn how to make (and enjoy!), a tarte tatin, an éclair, a profiterole, and other culinary delights. Introductions to Marie Antoinette, Jacques Cousteau, Madame Curie, and other historical figures make class come alive as we explore medieval castles, Roman and Greek ruins, and discover Celtic megaliths. Listening to and singing traditional and current French musique makes French class fun!”

— Sally Elliott, 2014

Since that first year living in France, Sally has returned many times to continue her language studies, to travel with students, and to visit French friends she has made over the years – once a francophile, always a francophile.

Sally and her husband, Ed Elliott, own and operate Rudy’s Gym in McCall, where she is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, indoor cycling instructor and cross-country ski instructor.


Courtney Snyder Bork,


Courtney Snyder Bork (Art) was introduced to art by her grandmother, who enjoyed water-colors, sketching, and creating jewelry.  At a young age, Courtney enjoyed painting and coloring as well as endless hours spent building with Legos and Lincoln Logs, crafting with friends or building tree forts outside.

Courtney's love for artwork and building led to her desire to study architecture. She received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a minor in Art from the University of Idaho.  She also holds an associate degree in Architectural Drafting and Design from Northern Idaho College.

Courtney was born in Irving, Texas, but shortly moved with her parents to Jackson, Wyoming, where she enjoyed learning winter sports.  She began skiing at the age of 2 ½ and started ice skating at the age of 8.

Courtney was a competitive figure skater for more than ten years. Her love of figure skating earned her numerous ribbons and awards. She currently teaches adult hockey at the Manchester Ice Centre in McCall, Idaho, where she participates as a performer in bi-annual ice shows and plays hockey on various coed and women's teams.

Courtney lives in McCall with her husband, Jared, their two cats, Oliver and Maiya and the newest addition to their family, a Siberian Husky named Luka. 

Tracey Kindall, 
WW: Mythology



Tracey Kindall is a dedicated teacher and learner who loves sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Tracey grew up in the nurturing palm of Michigan's lower peninsula, where the commitment to her two great lifelong loves began: Nature and Story. Her journeys in higher education naturally then led to a BS degree in Biology from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, and an MS degree in Folklore Studies from the University of Oregon.

For the past 10 years, Tracey has served as the director of the McCall Arts and Humanities Council, where she acts as a relentless advocate for the power of imagination and enjoys creating educational programs for youth and adults. As an RYT-200 yoga instructor, she also teaches classes at Tantra Power Yoga, and is currently working to obtain her RYT-500 certification. 

Tracey is an avid supporter of experiential, holistic, and imagination-based learning. A homeschool veteran with 13 years of experience under her belt, Tracey deeply enjoyed homeschooling her own three children through 8th grade.

Mythology is a field particularly dear to Tracey. After falling in love with Greek myth at age seven, she dove into the mythic well of inspiration and never fully returned. Each summer, Tracey offers a popular week-long mythology camp for kids as part of the McCall Arts and Humanities Council's Creative Campus program. She also enjoys teaching mythology classes for adults.

"Myth matters because it shapes how we encounter and live with mystery, which determines how we experience being alive as well as how we create personal meaning, shape culture, and engage with the world around us.

I never tire of encountering the mythologies of various cultures nor of taking my explorations and research ever deeper. After putting together my own unique and integrated curricula, drawing upon varied resources, travel-teaching, spending lots of time outdoors, and taking inspiration from Waldorf and Classical methodology, I find great satisfaction in applying my knowledge and skills to help others."

 - Tracey Kindall, 2018

Tracey considers herself a tirelessly curious seeker of wonder and enjoys participating in the co-creation of her beautiful community. She lives in McCall on three lovely acres accompanied by her human family as well as her dogs, cats, chickens, goats, geese, ducks, and bees. She does her best to continually surround herself with Nature and Story.




Dana Parker,


Dana Parker (WW Drama, 1st Year Drama, and 2nd Year Drama) has been involved with Theater since 1998 when (on a lark) he started going to open auditions in Seattle. Dana moved to McCall in 2000. He
has performed in more than 20 productions at McCall's Alpine Playhouse, where he currently serves on The Board of Directors.

Dana has been teaching Drama to students at North Fork School since 2004.