North Fork School uses VoIP technology to teach students around the world

North Fork School, a tuition-based private educator in McCall, uses Skype VolP technology to teach students who live in other states, travel on exchange programs, or take extended trips for competitive sports or family vacations.

Students from all over the country and Europe have used the technology to continue their progress in North Fork curricula, even during years when they are not receiving local high school credits for their foreign study classes.

Skype access also allows students to attend class when they are unable to attend school due to sickness or injury. Often, students can listen and participate in classes that they would otherwise miss when they are healing at home.

“[My siblings and I] ‘Skype' in on an actual classroom almost like we were sitting in a chair next to another student. Our class consists of eight students, four of whom are actually in the classroom,” explains Thomas Yonke, an 8th grader from Pennsylvania. “Skype makes things a bit more entertaining than just staring at a computer screen full of dull words you don’t have much interest in. I prefer to listen to people share their ideas.”

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North Fork School lauded by accreditation agency, sets open house

A team from accreditation agency AdvancED scored the North Fork School in McCall well above average in key categories in the school’s recent annual review.

North Fork scored 26 percent above average in the Teaching and Learning Impact category and 28 percent above average in Leadership Capacity. The overall score came in 40 percent above the average.

“The quality of the education surpasses reasonable expectations and promotes life-long learning in core subjects,” the AdvancED report said.


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North Fork School offers local public school students an edge for life

Marie Furnary of North Fork School in McCall puts a capital "D" on
the word "dedication," because she knows what it can do.

Dedication turns shy students into the self-assured. It coaxes
garden-variety intellects into robust flowers. Each year, Furnary's
students look back to where they started and can't believe what they
have accomplished.

Furnary believes the power of dedication is so great that it doesn't
take a private school and a pile of money to gain entrance to the
most prestigious schools in the land.

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