American History I
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American History I continues where the Second Year Program ends, providing an overview of American history from Reconstruction to the present day.   As a preparation for AP US History in the eleventh grade year, students will acquire excellent note-taking and outlining skills as they learn to prepare for exams which focus on cohesive, coherent essay writing. 

Primary source readings will supplement readings from the American History textbook, and will be completed prior to class lectures; students will learn to use a “learning journal” approach to class preparation.  Group study strategies, time management skills, and a thorough understanding of preparing good questions for class discussion are paramount.

In Advanced Placement U.S. History, students develop analytical skills and acquire a thorough knowledge of United States History. The approach to this course includes, but is not limited to, developing substantial knowledge of social, cultural, economic and military events relevant to the history of the United States.

In addition to the acquisition of factual skills, students will demonstrate reasoned and interpretive skills through the writing of precise and coherent analytical essays.

Primary source readings supplement the AP college level textbook and must be completed prior to class discussions and activities.

Students are required to keep a detailed notebook. Practice AP exams and both free-response and document-based essays are completed throughout the year. In May, students may elect to take the College Board Advanced Placement exam in United States History.

American Flag by Ivy Dawned

American Flag by Ivy Dawned

All history classes are full-year courses.  Students meet two days per week for 90 minutes each day.