AP Literature Writing Archives 2004-2019

AP Literature --- Heroes & Villains -- (grades 11 & 12) is the second of a two-year preparation for the AP Literature & Composition Exam.

Readings for in-depth analysis include: epic poetry (Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight); plays (The Glass Menagerie, A Doll’s House, Hamlet, The Importance of Being Ernest, Death of a Salesman); novels (Frankenstein, Grendel, The Heart of Darkness, Beloved, Slaughterhouse Five); and selected short stories & essays, including Joyce’s Dubliners & Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

Required written pieces include:

four AP "Portfolios" of three AP exam essays (graded on an AP exam rubric)
One full-length AP Literature & Composition exam, as well as various multiple choice practice exams
Quarterly business letters, assessing and self-grading performance on a rubric
Two 1000-word analytical essays with footnotes & bibliographies on:                   

  • Ulysses and Curiosity (comparing/contrasting two poems in meaning and manner)

  • Beloved & Dubliners essay (interpreting, analyzing, and connecting themes in selections by two authors)

Beowulf Outline -- color-coded for history; retelling; action
Hamlet outline
Dubliners --- chart of motifs
Heart of Darkness project: Artwork; collages for each section; analysis of Elliott's Hollow Men

A Modest Proposal
A 750-word essay analyzing several works of art or music by a well-known artist

College applications, including:

  • all application essays for colleges to which students are applying

  • Common Application + specific college applications or additional essays

  • required timeline dates for applications and financial aid applications

a poem with a new (to each student) technique or meter
a poem that includes a symbol or allusion
Blue poetry: (metric free verse or other verse structures) >>> if unfinished from 3rd Year

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