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How are North Fork classes different than those at students' public, private, or home schools?

At North Fork, students "link" ideas across Core Curriculum years as they continuously develop their skills. This result is not possible in separate classes, taught by different teachers, all choosing their own curricula and focus. It is the vertical integration of all readings, assignments, and classwork as well as teachers' intimate knowledge of student strengths and weaknesses over the course of six years that create the success of North Fork School curricula.


Writing Workshop
$230/month — we will only do WW in months for which 6 students sign up.

Accepting November registrations:

8:00-9:00 two A days/week

Registered for every month:
Esabella Erekson
Gabriell Shafer
Kenneth Weinrauch
Nova Goodspeed

French I & III
1:30-2:50 A days

Sadie Berry
Jaeda Moyer

1st Year Program
A days History
B days English

Marek Clouser
Sascha Stoll
Andy Scott
Solomon Arndt
Toby Klasner

3rd Year Program
A days History
B days English

Sophia Ririe
Sadie Berry
Diesel Messenger
Tristen Stoll




Eng III: American Lit.
11:45-1:15 B days

Emme Richards
(online from Belgium)
Jaeda Moyer
Sarah Morgan

AP Language
8:00-9:20 B days

Madeleine Hinson
Elizabeth Scott

Seeing all the work in my big purple binder, and all the finished pieces listed on our charts, makes me feel accomplished. Writing prompts at the North Fork School make me think; my writing is now creative and analytical. North Fork is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
— Emme Richards, class of 2021

Writing Workshop 2019-2020

Classes will follow a Writing Workshop format, focused on process rather than product. Students produce a binder "portfolio" in class, in which all math, mythology, history, and science projects, as well as artworks and written pieces, are indexed. Student portfolios are a key component of documenting student achievement.


1st Year Program

Ancient Cultures is a hands-on curriculum in which students examine archeological and historical clues for evidence of cultural and social structures. Literature and art projects from each historical time period allow students to observe and make inferences from historical fiction as well as non-fiction sources. Students begin to understand how historians piece together information about ancient cultures.


3rd Year Program

Beginning with the Renaissance and ending with the Russian Revolution, World History provides an introduction to European, Middle Eastern and world history while tracing the major upheavals in Europe and its rising power internationally. Third Year English examines the works of British authors who affected ideas from 1450 to 1950. Writing assignments include further analysis of literature and formal essay-writing skills, as well as new techniques of "creative" writing, such as paradox & synesthesia in poetry, satire, and creative technical writing in resumes and application essays.


English III: American Literature

A study of Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, James, Steinbeck, Cather, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, O’Connor, Faulkner, & American poets, English III is the second of a two-year preparation for the AP Language & Composition exam, and the first of a two-year preparation for the AP Literature & Composition exam. This class integrates the needs of students who have acquired basic skills in previous years at North Fork with those of students who have little background in literary analysis.


AP Language & Composition

As a special class for seniors who have completed English IV in their junior year at North Fork, and for juniors who have not yet experienced North Fork English classes, this class focuses on creative non-ficton as preparation for the AP Language & Composition Exam. Course updated by the College Board in 2019-2020, so course description not yet available.