Hard Work: 2018-2019


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Evolving Class Lists for 2018-2019
Last updated 1/31/19


15 students


Writing Workshop
8:00-9:00 MV A1

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Marek Clouser
Nina Giddings
Camryn McKenna
Kenneth Weinrauch
Gabriell Schafer
Maddison Keplinger


Eng I: Inner Space
7:45-9:15 MV B1

see monthly calendars for class days

Tristen Stoll
Diesel Messenger
Sophia Ririe
Sascha Stoll
Ella Klasner



AP Lit: Heroes & Villains
9:40-11:00 MDHS B2

Madeleine Hinson
Paige Robnett

Eng II: Journeys From Home
9:40-11:00 MDHS A2

Emme Richards
Jaeda Moyer


Writing Workshop 2018-2019

Classes will follow a Writing Workshop format, focused on process rather than product. Students produce a binder "portfolio" in class, in which all math, mythology, history, and science projects, as well as artworks and written pieces, are indexed. Student portfolios are a key component of documenting student achievement.


English I: Inner Space

English I is a "jump start" into our process, incorporating elements of NFS 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year curricula, and introducing development of essay forms. Readings in this class spur explorations of hidden motivations and the function of secret worlds, as adolescents navigate the way to becoming young adults.


English II: Journeys from Home

High school students are engaged in the process of discovering individual paths to the adult world. As they leave the restrictive boundaries of home and adult authority, they begin to synthesize a world-view that is uniquely their own. English II explores literature in which characters leave the protected environment of home to find their own way in the world.


AP Literature

HEROES AND VILLAINS is the second of a two-year preparation
for the AP Literature & Composition Exam, enabling students to hone their ability to do college-level work.