Just the facts

Private classes in a public school day.



North Fork schedules revolve around the McCall-Donnelly School District annual calendars and school bell schedules, so students can be completely involved in all activities, assemblies, classes, and extra-curricular clubs or sports.

Classes which comprise ONLINE and local students are held at a convenient time for both locations, so the entire class can meet as a group: in the McCall classroom, while some students are on Skype from other states/countries/time zones.


All students who attend The North Fork School in McCall also attend either their local public schools or complete their other academic credits (science; electives) in an online program.

Students attend North Fork for one or two classes during the school day. ONLINE students in other locations attend their classes on Skype during the periods those classes meet in McCall.

Students do not need to take those classes at their public schools or other programs.

Internationally-accredited  North Fork class grades are accepted by all accredited public or online schools, and transfer from The North Fork School onto those schools’ transcripts.

All North Fork School AP® classes are audited and certified by the College Board; students who pass and excel on AP® exams receive the corresponding credits or are placed into advanced classes at the colleges they attend.


High school students transport themselves. Parents and (sometimes) teachers carpool younger students to and from their public schools.

Social + serious

M-D students love this aspect of North Fork programs: they are fully involved with their local peer group in classes and daily life, while supplanting a small portion of their day to accelerate, enhance, and achieve personal success toward demanding college goals.

AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered 
trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.