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Where can high school students make $20.00 an hour on their own schedule? In kidding!

Every summer, I get calls for tutoring young students to strengthen their writing skills. While I do not tutor, students who have taken North Fork School courses at the high school level have the skill and the knowledge to do a fabulous job with younger students.

The past two summers, some of my current students did just that for elementary school-aged children visiting from California. Twice a week, when it fit their schedules, they created fun activities (poetry, brainstorming, paragraphs, stories) for their charges, and helped them to write about it. This type of self-directed summer job looks really great on college applications, and pays better than most jobs for students!

I also often receive calls from organizations looking for responsible summer interns...while these jobs pay only a small stipend or hourly wage, they offer really good experience and training in a variety of skills, and look excellent as "Community Service" items on your applications. Let me know if you want to be available for tutoring or internships.

Summer Reading Lists:

In general, reading lists are selected with an eye toward books that are interesting, books that follow on themes discovered in the previous year's class, and books that introduce themes coming up in the next year.

You may choose books appropriate to your own interests/reading level from any of the lists; however, while younger students may be able to read the words of novels recommended for High School students, the meaning (themes) of those novels will certainly be out of reach intellectually.

The danger in reading books too early is that students may end up hating books that they do not understand. Parents: please hold off on encouraging students to read books on older students' lists, unless you, as a parent, are willing to read and discuss the book's meaning with your child. I prefer that students read all of the books on lists for & below their grade levels before moving on to older classes' lists.

4th-6th graders (Writing Workshop & prior to 1st Year Program)
7th-8th graders (summer between 1st & 2nd Year Programs)
8th & 9th graders (summer between 2nd & 3rd year Programs)
High School students