Vertical Alignment = coursework that builds upon previous years to reach an ultimate goal. 


The goal is comfort with, and confidence in, future college coursework

The primary focus of North Fork curriculum is academic writing, including formal literary analysis, which teaches students to use text references as support for critical reading of texts. In North Fork history classes, research papers, short essays, and longer research projects reinforce and enhance the writing skills that students develop in their English classes. During the core (Middle School) programs, both history and English classwork is essential in developing students' academic writing abilities.

While we touch on the beginning elements of academic writing in Writing Workshop, students begin to develop middle school level analysis in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year CORE programs. Many students leave NFS and enter MDHS at this point, thinking that they have the necessary writing skills for college. They do fine with their 3rd Year skills at the local high school through their senior year.

However, In our view, the CORE programs only lead to the beginning of college-level preparatory work in 10th-12th grades. North Fork college-prep curricula develops exponentially after the 3rd Year until students graduate, usually with very high AP test scores, in 12th grade. Even North Fork math classes incorporate writing projects and analysis throughout the mathematics curriculum.


The pages below link to student creative writing samples, as well as list types of academic writing students complete in each year of North Fork classes.

Assignments, especially academic ones, are required of all students --  no one finishes the year until all academic assignments are completed and in Final Folders.

The creative pieces available for perusal from previous class groups in each year are also required assignments; however, students complete their creative pieces at varied individual paces throughout the course of their years at North Fork.