The more I teach math, the more I see it as a platform for giving kids an opportunity to exercise their brains that will serve them in any field in the future. When I have assigned papers [in my math classes], I have noticed a huge difference in the writing abilities of the NFS versus non-NFS English students.

I credit my success at NASA to my communication ability rather than my engineering skills. This is what set me apart from my engineering peers. As it is, parents seem to know when their kids are not receiving a good math education, but believe that they are doing well in English.
— Paige Walker, former NFS math teacher

PLEASE NOTE: we are VERY FLEXIBLE about payment plans and options that make tuition work for family budgets. PLEASE CALL if you have any questions about your personal situation -- we can usually find a way to make things work!

The Grote Scholarship

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, McCall residents Tom and Tomi Grote created this scholarship to "give students of lesser means the same advantages North Fork brings to the more [economically] fortunate."

Since the school's inception in 1996, when a student could prove dedication and a strong work ethic, but his parents were unable to afford full tuition, North Fork teachers would each take a smaller payment for that student to make his NFS education possible. In 2014, after seeing the long-term results (test scores and college success) of students who start in the First Year Program, and who replace multiple courses in their public school schedules with NFS classes over the course of several years, the Grotes decided to create this scholarship fund to aid families who could commit to North Fork methods for the long term.

Families of sixth and seventh graders who are entering the 1st Year Program or the 2nd Year Program along with North Fork math classes may apply for the Grote Scholarship. This funding will be offered to the candidates throughout their North Fork School years, as long as they continue to have financial need. The purpose of the fund is to help students become well-rounded when it is most beneficial -- at the beginning of their academic careers -- and to help support them through graduation, so that they can focus on academics.

It is important to understand that, when families have claimed financial need in the past, on close inspection, a North Fork education was just not a high enough priority in the family budget. If a family has enough money to go away on a nice vacation at spring break but says they can’t afford the North Fork program, that is a priority problem, not a financial problem. Successful candidates will review their financial situation closely before applying to determine how much they think they could realistically contribute to their child's North Fork School education. The more a family can contribute, the more families the Grote scholarship will help.

Please call or email us to discuss options to to set up a meeting to review your financial needs. No one contributing to or benefiting from this scholarship will be aware of who the recipients are. All statistical information that follows progress and performance will be entirely anonymous, even from donors to the fund.

Application Form for the Grote Scholarship is available HERE.

photo licensed by Creative Commons: Money, Money, Money by peddhapati