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The Lumina Foundation, through Georgetown University, published a study (April, 2016) of COLLEGE graduation rates in every state & county in the nation (see Idaho numbers HERE). Idaho businesses have a goal of achieving a 60% college graduation rate in our population as soon as possible (see a video discussing this study as it relates to Idaho HERE). While total numbers in the study include ALL citizens of every age, including those who will not go back to school in their lifetimes, the goal of a 60% college graduation rate is elusive nation-wide, and represents employment opportunities more than actual school performance in each county.

As North Fork programs are designed to help students to be academically successful in college, we decided to look at college graduation rates of our own students (classes of 2001-2012) to see how they were doing after college. We were pleased to see that:

  • of students who attended The North Fork School for more than three years in core classes, the COLLEGE graduation rate is 100%, with several also pursuing post-graduate degrees.
  • the overall North Fork School COLLEGE graduation rate (including those students who attended only Writing Workshop or took only one class for a year or two) during 2001-2012 is 89%
  • of the students who did not go to or graduate from college, 100% only attended North Fork School classes for one or two years in one class (Writing Workshop or 1st Year program only; only a year of math)

Parents, please note that our consistent academic performance data increases are NOT because students are already strong in the subjects they take at NFS. Often, students who do the best here are the ones who are weak or average in those classes, and who simply do all the assignments we ask them to do as well as possible EACH day. It is this steady, consistent practice, combined with individual attention and challenge, that produces our outstanding results. We are so proud of the efforts of all NFS students, and welcome every student who wishes to learn how to accomplish challenging work (and who is willing to work hard).

“This is a win-win for everyone involved — for the public schools and the students... You do everything that you say you do!”
Tom Farley (Team Leader, retired Deputy Idaho State Superintendent of Schools)
— February, 2015

Parents -- prepare now for the 2018-2019 school year!

Our most recent external accreditation review by four team members from the Northwest Accreditation Commission/AdvancED took place in February, 2015. The team spent two days visiting classes as well as interviewing students, parents, teachers, and alumni parents. They also reviewed the surveys that stakeholders took in April of 2014, an assessment/collation of student performance (test) data, and the self-assessment that parents helped to develop at our parent meeting in October.

Our strong programs produce college-ready students who feel competent and confident from their very first days at college. Often, our graduates are surprised at the amount and quality of preparation they have had. Our graduates are the college students who help other Freshmen with their assignments, by editing and explaining and encouraging. They are also frequently asked to share their first college papers as examples of strong writing.

Students who have completed several years of NFS math classes are also extremely well-prepared for college mathematics. ISAT scores alone of NFS math students have increased 26+ points after only two years of NFS math classes.

In 2017-2018, we saw SBAC score improvements of +92 (ELA) and +90 (math) in students completing just their first year of North Fork classes. We will continue to document progress and assess student needs in the face of changing standards.

Parent Resources

Please familiarize yourself with the documents available on this page, as many questions and concerns can be addressed by knowing our policies and procedures before we begin the new school year.

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