The North Fork School encouraged my children to strive beyond what they thought was possible.

They were taught to value being smart – to embrace knowledge, history, philosophy – to hone one’s intellect and have a passion for discourse and critical thinking. I’m still amazed when people comment on my kids’ interests and vocabulary.

We loved the strong role models that the teachers provided. And of course – like in any endeavor – the younger one starts, the easier it becomes and the further one goes.
— Ana Egnew, parent of Gerrit '12 and Kathryn, '14

North Fork School Enrollment History 1996-2015

To see an overview of North Fork School curricula, including which classes are offered for each grade level, please select one of the following curriculum map links:

Elementary & Middle School Curriculum Map

High School Curriculum Map


Focusing on grades 6-12, North Fork classes replace selected courses in students' public school schedules, offering increased academic challenge to students in those classes. Students attend North Fork in mixed-age groups, regardless of their public school grade level, and continue through the six (or seven) year curriculum with one teacher to guide their studies in that subject. History and English are fully integrated in the first three years, and those programs include art, drama, and French as part of the integrated studies. In High School, classes still follow a coordinated path (American Literature during the AP US History year, for instance), but the necessary focus on college-prep material allows students to select just one class, as opposed to the full program at North Fork.

The structured, aligned six-year curriculum with ONE teacher creates a base of substantial academic knowledge that allows students to "link" ideas across years as they continuously develop their skills. This result is not possible in separate classes, taught by different teachers, all choosing their own curricula and focus (even when those classes are AP classes) over the same six years. It is the vertical integration of all readings, assignments, and classwork and the intimate knowledge of student strengths and weaknesses over the course of six years that create the success of NFS curricula.

The North Fork School offers families the value of an academic, college-prep, private education at a fraction of the cost of full-time private day school. We believe that all students benefit from "gifted" pedagogy, and accept all students who choose to work hard and commit to the extra academic challenge of our classes. Our students enjoy exploring their own intellectual potentials, and find academic motivation and success through their individual achievements. The integrated humanities curriculum facilitates students' abilities to connect ideas across subject areas and their unique life experiences, validating that learning is a process in which students have the key role.



Integrated Core Programs
(grades 6-9):

Mixed-grade classes build core skills in academic writing, analysis, and research.

1st Year
– Ancient Cultures & Literature

2nd year – American History & Literature

3rd Year – European Revolutions (English, French, Russian) & British Literature

Algebra Foundations

High School classes:

College-level skill development, expanding on the nascent academic writing, analysis, and research begun in NFS core programs

English I: mixed genres
Eng II: World Lit.
Eng III: American Lit
AP Language (II & III)
AP Literature (III & IV)

World History (3rd Yr.)
American History I
AP US History
AP World History

Algebra I & II
Pre Calculus
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

Writing Workshop

grades 4-6

introduction to beginning writing skills

supplements local school curriculum; does not supplant lessons

small student-teacher ratios