College-Preparatory Math in a small-class setting
for Middle & High School Students

All High School Math offerings are full-year courses.  Students meet on the block schedule (A or B days) for eighty minutes each day.  Tuition includes all teacher fees; books and a per/family school fee are separate costs of the program.

I encourage parents of middle school students to explore the benefits of an education at North Fork. With top-notch academics, a challenging curriculum and nurturing teachers, Whitney has accomplished so much this year. Her love of learning has been rekindled. North Fork provides an environment for each student to find their gifts and Whitney is on her way to becoming a life-long learner.
— Stacy Lydrickson, mother of Whitney, 10th grade
The North Fork School is commended for developing a culture of mutual respect and support, which generates a sense of personal investment in student success. This in turn manifests a personal investment by the students in their own learning and they develop a deep commitment to excellence and to performing at a higher level.
— Northwest Accreditation Commission Team, December 2011


To see an overview of North Fork School curricula, including which classes are offered for each grade level, please select one of the following curriculum map links:

Elementary & Middle School Curriculum Map

High School Curriculum Map