College-Preparatory Literature, Writing, and History
for High School Students

Click on the High School Curriculum Map to see how courses align; students who join North Fork School classes in middle school by the 2nd Year Program gain the most from our vertically-aligned core curriculum over the course of their middle and high school years. We believe that a slow, integrated, steady development of AP (college-level) skills is best begun in middle school, when academic habits are still forming.

To see an overview of North Fork School curricula, including which classes are offered for each grade level, please select this link to see the curriculum map:

High School Curriculum Map

The North Fork School is commended for providing a comprehensive, engaging, and rigorous curriculum that challenges students at the highest level.
— Northwest Accreditation Commission Team, December 2011

photo licensed by Creative Commons: Ile de la Cite by Moyen Brenn