Open Doors

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year starts here!

To enroll, select ONLINE REGISTRATION button (right), and take the following steps:

1 -- Select Registration Fee ($850)   

2 -- Select each program in which your student is enrolling, and choose the $100 deposit

3 -- Initial agreements before going to your cart to select card payment choices, then submit your order

4 -- Select this link >>> 2018-2019 Registration packet (print, sign, and mail). 

5 -- Fill out the Application Form button (above) and submit student/family information.

OPTIONAL: select School Fee to pay either full fee ($1500) or a deposit of $300 per family on your credit card). There is a 3% courtesy fee for each card charge.

Please note that there is only one School Fee per family. The online payment option for a portion of the school fee is only available before August 31.

Above initial enrollment deposits are accepted online. The balance of tuition and the school fee will be billed in September and December, unless families set up a monthly payment plan in August. If you prefer to make succeeding payments with a credit card (to receive points, etc.) there will be a 3% courtesy fee for each card charge. Otherwise, all bills may be paid by check to "The North Fork School."