School Fee (per Family)

School Fee (per Family)


A school fee is assessed per family involved in the NFS program (NOTE: do not select this school fee if you are only enrolling a student in Writing Workshop). This fee covers rent, utilities (power, phone, sewer, water), insurance, licensing, plowing, and other costs associated with maintaining the NFS site as separate, unshared classroom space (a requirement of accreditation), as well as costs of on-site accreditation visits.

The separate school fee allows NFS to keep costs lower for everyone, by prorating the site expense by the number of families enrolled each year. The sliding scale enables families to save, especially when they are paying tuition for multiple students.

For all classes EXCEPT WRITING WORKSHOP >>> school fee ($1500.00) may be paid online now, or parents may wait to be billed in October.

Add ONE school fee (per family)
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