College Preparatory success

“My six years at North Fork planted seeds for my current business model and success.”

— Toby Johnson, Founder/Director USA English Limited ESL education in Beijing and Hong Kong. North Fork/MDHS ’05; DePauw University ’09



North Fork School graduates presently attend:

Montana State University, The University of California at Davis Medical School, The University of Puget Sound, University of Colorado at Boulder, Gonzaga University, Fordham University School of Law, California Polytechnic State University, Cornell University Johnson School of Business


North Fork School alumni are now GRADUATES OF:

Bates College, Berkelee School of Music, Boise State University, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, Carlton College, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, Dartmouth College, De Pauw University, Evergreen College, Gonzaga University, Marlboro College, Michigan State University, Middlebury College, Montana State University, Oregon State University,   Reed College, Prescott College, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Santa Clara College, St. Lawrence College, Syracuse University, Tufts University, United States Naval Academy, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Colorado, University of Idaho College of Law, University of Pennsylvania, University of Puget Sound, Western WA Univ -- Fairhaven Honors College, Whitman College                                                      


The challenging academic environment provided by North Fork classes provides access to fulfilling, creative, and exciting careers.

North Fork School graduates from our small, rural Idaho town include: consultants, lawyers, and doctors; a decorated Major in the US Marine Corps; software engineers at Apple and Google; the founder of English Language schools in Beijing and Shanghai (who based his programs on the hands-on and feedback-centered curricula of the North Fork School); an MFA graduate from the Chicago Art Institute, who presented his current work in 2017 at Harvard.



Graduates say:

“Innovative ‘Agile’ methodology is the leading edge in business today. This iterative critical process requires flexibility to revise and self-correct working drafts. It is essentially THE North Fork way. Like my fellow NFS alumni at Google and Uber, I use this core technique daily, helping Fortune 500 clients deliver value with speed."
— Alina Everett, Cornell Johnson School of Business MBA candidate; previously at Slalom Consulting, Boston MA. North Fork/Thacher School ’08; Dartmouth College ’12
“North Fork enriched my public school education, and set me up for college success. Nearly twenty years later, I so appreciate my NFS education. We worked hard, very hard. We read closely and critically, wrote draft after draft, and received extensive teacher feedback. This committed practice trained us into much better writers, thinkers, and learners.”
— Laura Bechdel, Director of Studies, Alzar School. North Fork/MDHS '01; University of Puget Sound '06; MAT Westminster College '12
"I don't know if Hattie has gotten in touch with you yet after her graduation from St. Lawrence U. It does not seem possible that 4 years have gone by since her days in North Fork and MDHS. 
The writing skills that you helped her to develop were so important at SLU and gave her confidence in her writing ability.  She had a piece that was accepted for the SLU spring '18 literary magazine
You were very right about how important those writing skills would be in college and it amazing how unprepared many students are."
—Dave Geist, father of Hattie, NFS '14 and MDHS Salutatorian; St. Lawrence University, 2018



"During my first semester as a freshman at the University of San Francisco, I was enrolled in an Honors English class reserved for incoming students who had in high school received a “4” or “5” (the highest grades) on their AP English exams. The class focused on exploring ways in which modern technology either has or has not improved how people today learn and gain knowledge.

For our first major assignment, I wrote an essay defending the reading of historical texts. For the class following the turn-in date of this assignment, my professor had run photocopies of my essay for my classmates to read as an example of the kind and quality of writing he was looking for. I received an “A” on the assignment, and very quickly became the go-to editor and proofreader of my peers’ papers.

In reading their essays, I often found basic grammar and syntax-related errors, errors that I had learned to avoid because of the intensive editing process emphasized in my NFS classes. I definitely credit my strong writing and academic success in large part to my education at the North Fork School.”
— Kirsten Wiking, English teacher, Japan Exchange and Teaching Program(me) (JET) Iwamizawa, Hokkaido
North Fork/MDHS ’09; Marlboro College ’14


Ben Crogh, class of 2017, ponders his options.

Ben Crogh, class of 2017, ponders his options.

“Gymnasium here is much more serious business than high school in America. The classes remind me more of North Fork than of high school; students are graded fifty percent on participation and fifty percent on monthly essay-exams in all the subjects.

I think that English in the thirteenth grade here is much more advanced than anything at MDHS. We read like, Tennessee Williams and George Orwell and must compare and contrast the texts with respect to the American Dream, things like that.

Anyway, the English teacher loves me, and my telling her that I went to private school for English validated all of her worst suspicions about the American public school system. She said something to the effect of, “You are the first exchange student I have ever known in fifty years of teaching who actually KNOWS something. I knew you couldn’t have gone to public school. I KNEW it.” So funny. She is a very strict little German lady with a very proper British accent.”

— Kathryn Pope, class of 2009, from her Germany Rotary Exchange program in 2008. Kathryn now attends law school in Seattle, WA



“I just wanted to express how thankful I am for North Fork and your incredible teaching. I am currently working for a start-up online company in the East Bay and thriving in this business environment because of my solid writing skills. The Community Manager has me edit everyone’s blog post, even my boss’s.

We also went through an intense two week period of renaming the company and developing our core messaging. Thanks to all of our poetry and essay analysis, I felt extremely comfortable discussing positive and negative connotations associated with words and phrases, while providing crucial input and revision advice.
I’m pretty shocked at how few editing skills people possess and feel beyond blessed that North Fork ingrained, maybe even pounded, quality editing techniques into my consciousness. Even though, during my sophomore year in High School I wanted to torch my Word Smart, I now have the clarity to look back and foster deep appreciation for all of our classes together.”

— Katie McDaniel, class of 2009; Prescott College, 2014