Lake of Life

by Noah Stapp

You lie, lake, throughout the winter hell.
Your ice cage, your cage a shield
for life, safe from the frozen spell.

Shut away beneath this icy shell,
a kingdom of life survives, waiting
to wish winter's wrath farewell.

Winds may blow, and lights may quell,
but always will there be a soul alive,
surviving throughout each death knell.

Winter ends and life begins to swell:
water begins its incessant flow.
Souls beneath gather, starting to rebel.

Sunshine beams as life emerges to dwell,
the curse of darkness failing.
A new world awakes, free of winter's prison cell.

Bright sun shines, stars twinkle, warm seas dispel
the cold. The world is full of vigor:
new and old are one, strong against the well.
Come out from death to live, to birth, to yell.


by Noah Stapp

“One. . two. . . three. . . . four. . . . . five!" The sharp clang of the steel bar hitting the rack jolted me from my focused state. As I re-racked the bar, my arms cried out, exhausted from exertion. It was Tuesday morning, and I was in the gym, working out despite a nasty cold and colossal mound of homework. I felt at peace, away from the stress of school, grades, and life. Here was a very different kind of stress: physical, heavy weight that tore muscles down and rebuilt them, stronger than before. The resulting soreness and exhaustion was oddly calming: a sort of pride taken from defeating your body and remaking it better. Sighing, I sniffled in a deep breath and grabbed the bar, starting a new set of repetitions.

Weightlifting is one of the few constants in my life besides school. Three times a week, every week, I go to the gym, ignoring, for the most part, weather, sickness, and stress. Consistency is key to weightlifting: without consistent, progressive exertion, you cannot improve and grow stronger. I have applied this lesson to everything in my life: school, hobbies, social activities. Repetition and consistency are the only way to improve most things in life, making success far easier. Before I began weightlifting, I would often procrastinate, putting off schoolwork until the last minute, then rushing and doing a subpar job. This laziness and lack of consistency carried over into other parts of my life: most notably, I was out of shape and incredibly socially anxious.

Weightlifting was the driving force behind fixing all three problems. I got into shape over time, and my newfound fitness gave me confidence and the drive to improve through repetition, helping me to conquer my social fears. I began planning ahead, doing schoolwork at a consistent rate, and no longer procrastinated until the last minute. The quality of my work began rising: consistent practice led to gradual improvement in skills. Skipping a day or week of exercise can mean stalling progress, forcing me to effectively repeat a previous workout, rather than growing stronger. Picking up that first barbell gave me an iron will, one that has proved invaluable in all areas of my life.

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