photo: Hitting the slopes in December, 2014, are 1998-2004 alumni of North Fork School WW through 3rd Year Programs,
Alina Everett (Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY) and Willy Smart (MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

Alumni Resources

The Lumina Foundation, through Georgetown University, just published a study (April, 2016) of COLLEGE graduation rates in every state & county in the nation (see Idaho numbers HERE). Idaho businesses have a goal of achieving a 60% college graduation rate in our population as soon as possible (see a video discussing this study as it relates to Idaho HERE). While total numbers in the study include ALL citizens of every age, including those who will not go back to school in their lifetimes, the goal of a 60% college graduation rate is elusive nation-wide, and represents employment opportunities more than actual school performance in each county.

As North Fork programs are designed to help students to be academically successful in college, we decided to look at college graduation rates of our own students (classes of 2001-2012) to see how they were doing after college. We were pleased to see that:

  • of students who attended The North Fork School for more than three years in core classes, the COLLEGE graduation rate is 100%, with several also pursuing post-graduate degrees.

  • the overall North Fork School COLLEGE graduation rate (including those students who attended only Writing Workshop or took only one class for a year or two) during 2001-2012 is 89%

  • of the students who did not go to or graduate from college, 100% only attended North Fork School classes for one or two years in one class (Writing Workshop or 1st Year program only; only a year of math)

Former students are now consultants, lawyers, and doctors; one is a decorated Major in the US Marine Corps; one has worked at Apple and is now at Google; another founded and runs English Language schools in Beijing and Shanghai (basing his programs on the hands-on and feedback-centered curricula of the North Fork School); another, who graduated in May of 2017 with a masters in art and philosophy from the Chicago Art Institute, recently presented his current work at a conference at Harvard. The challenging academic environment provided by North Fork classes provides access to such fulfilling, creative, and exciting careers.

Gymnasium here is much more serious business than high school in America. The classes remind me more of North Fork than of high school; students are graded fifty percent on participation and fifty percent on monthly essay-exams in all the subjects.

I think that English in the thirteenth grade here is much more advanced than anything at MDHS. We read like, Tenessee Williams and George Orwell and must compare and contrast the texts with respect to the American Dream, things like that.

Anyway, the English teacher loves me, and my telling her that I went to private school for English validated all of her worst suspicions about the American public school system. She said something to the effect of, “You are the first exchange student I have ever known in fifty years of teaching who actually KNOWS something. I knew you couldn’t have gone to public school. I KNEW it.” So funny. She is a very strict little German lady with a very proper British accent.
— Kathryn Pope, class of 2009, from her Germany Rotary Exchange program in 2008

NFS graduates presently attend:

Montana State University, The University of California at Davis Medical School, The University of Puget Sound, St. Lawrence College, University of Colorado at Boulder, Gonzaga University, Fordham University School of Law, California Polytechnic State University

NFS alumni are now GRADUATES OF:

Bates College
Berkelee School of Music                                 Prescott College
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo                            San Francisco Academy of Art University
Carlton College                                                 Santa Clara College
Colorado College                                              Syracuse University
Colorado School of Mines                               Tufts University
Dartmouth College                                           United States Naval Academy
De Pauw University                                         University of California at Berkeley
Evergreen College                                              University of California at Davis
Gonzaga University                                         University of California at Santa Barbara
Marlboro College                                              University of Colorado
Michigan State University                              University of Idaho College of Law
Middlebury College                                          University of Pennsylvania
Montana State University                              University of Puget Sound
Oregon State University                                 Western WA Univ -- Fairhaven Honors College
Reed College                                                      Whitman College


Where can college students make $20.00 an hour on their own schedule? In kidding!

Every summer, I get calls for tutoring young students to strengthen their math or writing skills. While NFS teachers do not tutor in the summer, students who have taken North Fork School courses at the high school level have the skill and the knowledge to do a fabulous job with younger students.

The past few summers, some of my current students did just that for elementary-aged students visiting from California. Twice a week, when it fit their schedules, they created fun activities (poetry, brainstorming, paragraphs, stories) for their charges, and helped them write about it. This type of self-directed summer job looks really great on post-graduate career applications, and pays better than most jobs for college students!

I also often receive calls from organizations looking for responsible summer interns...while these jobs pay only a small stipend or hourly wage, they offer really good experience and training in a variety of skills. Let me know if you are in McCall in the summers or during vacations, and want to be available for tutoring or other potential jobs.